Nestle develops nutritional product for the elderly

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nestle_logoNestle will be rolling out a new product in Europe which aims to address the specific nutritional needs of the elderly population.

Resource SeniorActiv will first be introduced in Switzerland later this year and if successful will be distributed in other European countries in the future.

The food manufacturer has researched the most common deficiencies in older peoples’ diets and produced an oral supplement to help address these.

Nutritional ingredients included in the products include Acti-3, a unique combination of proteins, vitamin D and calcium, prebiotic fibre omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins. It is also high in calories to stop the weight loss sometimes experienced by older people.

Richard Laube, chief executive officer of Nestle Nutrition, said: “The older population is growing faster than any other segment… Targeted nutrition can make a big difference and screening for malnutrition is vital to getting a grip on the issue as a whole.”

In recent years Nestle has placed an increased focus on the growing health and functional foods market. The company’s nutrition department is built around the infant nutrition, healthcare nutrition, performance nutrition and weight management departments.