Nestle has launched a new research and development centre

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nestle-logoNestle’s new center, R+D Santiago, will lead the research and development worldwide in biscuits and cereals snacks, and will focus on innovation and product renewal. This will bring together specialists from different areas as nutrition, technology, product development and quality control.

The center will develop new technologies that will help further reduce levels of sugar and fat so that cookies are lighter, without losing flavor or consistency. In addition, the R & D Santiago center will develop biscuits with bioactive ingredients to improve digestive health, and fortified products to supply micronutrient deficiencies in countries where it is required, adapting to local tastes and needs.

Paul Bulcke, CEO of Nestle, said that the center “will offer to our consumers in Latin America and elsewhere, tasty, healthy and nutritious cookies. R & D Santiago will benefit from the synergies between research and development and production of biscuits, to be located in the industrial complex of Nestlé in Maipú, which employs more than one thousand two hundred people.

The new center will work closely with the global network of R & D of Nestlé, which has 28 Research, Development and Technology Centers and about five thousand workers. It will participate in local government initiatives, and develop collaborative partnerships with universities such as Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Universidad de Chile.