Neapolitan Pizza with Traditional Specialty Guaranteed

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Neapolitan Pizza

The Neapolitan Pizza has obtained the certificate of Traditional Specialty Guaranteed (TSG), which it was asked for nearly two years.

This pizza has specific characteristics that make it different. To talk about a Neapolitan Pizza, it is necessary to satisfy the following requirements:

– Pizza dough reposed at least six hours

– Amount of mass between 180 to 250 grams

– Thickness of 0.4 cm

– Edge of no more than 2 cm

– Diameter of 35 cm

Its preparation is bathed with tomato paste, from the center of the mass extending to the outside, is watered with a trickle of olive oil, slices of buffalo mozzarella Campana DOP and basil and ultimately must be cooked in a wood oven at about 485ºC.

The TSG certificate makes no reference to origin; the aim is to highlight a traditional composition of the product or a production method.

In Spain, Jamón Serrano, Panellets, Oil cake and Milk Farm have this TSG Certificate.