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These additives provide the specific density and texture in milkshakes, ice creams or sauces. Food coloring, preservatives or flavorings are some of the additives that are used more in nourishing industry in order to heighten particular qualities (color or flavor) or to prolong the life utility. But there is a seasoning more: stabilizers charged to give and to maintain one… Read more »


Vacuum Cooling technology

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Vacuum cooling technology has finally come to maturity and today presents itself with the support of new vacuum systems and sophisticated control systems as a technology of the future. Developed in Switzerland, the system is price-effective and increases quality. Vacuum technology as such is nothing new. Vacuum cookers have been used for many years to gently deaerate and evacuate fruit… Read more »


Analyzed Hershey and Ferrero alliance to create offer with Cadbury

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The British press hopes that the new is confirmed, while the market awaits the reaction of Kraft. The American firm Hershey and the Italian Ferrero studied together to jointly bid for Cadbury, as the British press. The alliance of the two companies of multinational dimension is presented in the form of an only viable alternative to the public offer of… Read more »