Berlys presents its new varieties of bread

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berlysBerlys, company specialized in manufacture and marketing of products precooked and frozen of bakery and pastry making one has the Catalogues widest of the sector of bakery. Hundreds of references which are now added with new products, from different formats and of excellent quality, are very in agreement with the last tendencies in food.

In its vast bread range Restoration Gourmet now comes to be added two of round format, the tomato Gourmet, and the Gourmet from blue cheese and fine herbs, and two of elongated format, the integral Gourmet and the Gourmet brioche. They are breads worked out with exquisite combinations of the healthiest and natural ingredients, very in agreement with the new tendencies of food.

Each unit of tomato Gourmet and cheese Gourmet weighs 40g and it is distributed in cases of 40 units. Each unit of integral Gourmet, and Gourmet brioche, weighs 35g and it is distributed in cases of 40 units.

Traditional Vienna is a white bread of  “candeal” mass with accentuated points and two not very major cuts. Of intense flavor, its bark is smooth and cracking and its crumb is compact and not very alveolate. Presented in two formats, that of 95g ideal for food snack very juicy and accompanied by sauces, and a small of 45g perfect for menu bread. Vienna Classique weighs 95g and is distributed in cases of 55 units and mini traditional Vienna of 45g is distributed in cases of 70 units.

All are advantages with the new Artisanal Bread of Berlys, considering that it requires a minimal handling. It does not need furnace: only to defrost, open and roast to obtain authentic bread, with all the flavor and savor of Andalusia. Made by hand, its crumb is very white and alveolate, with a fine bark which admits any type of sauce, without forgetting oil.